2016 ISN National Conference on Educational Innovation has ended
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Beth Fairchild

Maple Dale-Indian Hill School District
K4-8 Differentiation Coach/GT Coordinator and WATG Appointed Board Member
I love all things teaching! Been in education for twenty years: first as a third grade teacher, then as a mom of two gifted children (still holding this important job), served on the board of directors for a pre-school, back to third grade teacher, throw in a Master's in Professional Development with an Emphasis on Gifted, training in changing district policies to include equity for all, then to middle school math (so much fun!), and now an Instructional Coach and Gifted Coordinator who is an appointed board member of WATG. Phew! Still have so much to learn :)
Wednesday, April 27

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Thursday, April 28

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Friday, April 29

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